Williams Chiropractic


Dr Matthew Williams and his wife Dr Sarah Williams are the owners and operators of Williams Chiropractic Health and Performance Centre in Fredericton. Matt, Sarah and their talented and knowledgeable staff will be set up at the 2020 Fredericton Tattoo Expo to provide the most amazing massage therapy to everyone and anyone. Drop by their booth and get the kinks ironed out!!

Primal Attitude

Proud Sponsor

They are back and we couldn’t be happier, Primal Attitude will be at the 2020 Fredericton Tattoo Expo.  As a sponsor and the official supplier of tattoo supply’s they will have everything the tattoo artist needs for their weekend in Fredericton and for the tattoo fan they will have all kinds of T-Shirts, hoodies and hats.  We are pretty sure there will be a couple of artists who are part of the Primal family in the house as well.  All artists are invited to drop by the Primal Attitude booth and pick up their complementary artist kits.

The Royal Barbershop


The Royal Barbershop is a classic barbershop with a modern feel.  The Royal Barbershop is owned and operated by Rob Reese who studied and trained in barbering in Nashville Tennessee.  Let the hair grow a little longer, let the beard grow out of control, and drop by the 2020 Fredericton Tattoo Expo.  The Royal Barbershop offers cuts, hot shaves, beard trims, and kid cuts.  Rob and his professionally trained and registered barbers will be on site cutting, trimming and shaving all weekend.   To book an appointment with them call 506-206-6680 or email them at royalbarbershop.ca@gmail.com



East Coast Pete, (Pete Murchison) is a second generation wood carver from New Brunswick. Specializing in relief carving, each piece is hand carved and hand painted. Working with hand tools and carving live at venues, Pete hopes to inspire a new generation of wood carvers, through pop culture.

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Mary Jane Vapes

Proud Sponsor

The Fredericton Tattoo Expo is excited to have Mary Jane Vapes back as an Expo sponsor.  Did you stop by the Mary Jane Vapes lounge last year?  Did you pick up a grab bag from Mary Jane Vapes?   A sponsor of last year’s very first Pin Up Girl contest, could there be a 2nd annual?  We’ll let you know.
Mary Jane Vapes specializes in the sale of high-quality e-cigarettes, dry herb vaporizers and many, many more products.  Mary Jane Vapes can be found at 1299 Hanwell Rd, and 2 Gateway Plaza next to Jungle Jim’s in Oromocto.

Disappearing Ink


Angela Seymour is the owner and operator of Disappearing Ink, Laser Tattoo Removal.  You can find Angela at White Lotus Tattoo on Queen Street in Fredericton, by following the Facebook link below or by coming to the Fredericton Tattoo Expo, Disappearing Ink will be the first booth you see as you get off the escalator.  
Disappearing Ink is proud to offer the most advanced laser tattoo removal treatments in the Fredericton area.  Disappearing Ink specializes in exclusively in the editing and removal of tattoo’s.  


Proud Sponsor

StarBrite Colors is a full 160 color line of tattoo inks that are bottled, labeled, sterilized, tested and shipped according to FDA stipulations.  StarBrite Colors is some of the most authentic & cleanest tattoo ink on the planet.  Tommy’s Supplies is the original producer and sole owner of “StarBrite”.  If you would like more information on StarBrite Colors feel free to drop by their website.

StarBrite Colors Website
Eric's Motorsports


Military veteran Eric Caume took his passion for Motorcycles  and turned it into a local business after retiring from the service. The doors of Eric’s Motorsports opened for the first time in 2007.
Eric’s Motorsports will be highlighting their huge selection of  leather products.  Jackets, chaps, and vests.
Eric’s Motorsports is located at 273 Restigouche Rd in Oromocto.


Eric's Motorsports

T & A Tattoo Supply

T and A Tattoo Supply is owned and operated by Todd Buchanan.  Todd has been a supporter of the Fredericton Tattoo Expo, and we thank you for that support Todd.  T and A Tattoo Supply is a sponsor of Marked For Life Tattooz in Oromocto.  Todd will be on site all weekend.  Hit him up if you need anything.
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Hard Way Cycles

Hard Way Cycles
Proud Sponsor

Hard Way Cycles is owned and operated by Jeff and Shannon Thibault.  Fredericton's Motorcycle Service Centre.  The garage doors went up about 3 years ago, and the team at Hard Way Cycles has been busy ever since. They love Harley's and are Harley riders but work and service all makes and models.  Hard Way Cycles is located at 300 Wilsey Road.
Sponsor BookedIn

Proud Sponsor

BookedIN is an appointment scheduling software that helps tattoo shops spend less time scheduling and more time doing what they love.
The Sydney Odditorium

The Sydney Odditorium

“Treasures From Around the World and Beyond"
We carry mineral samples, fossils, meteorites, taxidermy, oddities and more. 
Dynamic Dental Hygiene Clinic

Dynamic Dental Hygiene Clinic

Fredericton, NB
Add a little extra sparkle to your smile with Brio. Dental jewelry that we fix onto the enamel surface of your tooth. Brios do not damage the teeth. They may be applied within minutes without the use of local anaesthetics.  

Adam Grant

Adam Grant is the owner and body piercing artist at 7th House Tattoo Company.  Adam has been in the industry for 9 years and he specializes in dermal piercings and enjoys project pieces such as corsets and lacework.  Adam has the reputation as being the best piercer in Fredericton.  Drop by his booth at the Expo and get something!!


Stay Gold

Stay Gold
Proud Sponsor

Sourced and handcrafted from the finest natural ingredients, our aftercare balm will soothe and moisturize your healing skin, effectively minimizing peeling, itching, scabbing and heal time, insuring your new tattoos look just a vibrant as the day you got them.  Stay Gold is made locally in Fredericton New Brunswick by Adam Grant and friends.
Skin Decision
Lil Bears Trading Post

Lil Bears Trading Post

I'm a traditional mètis artist from toronto Ontario.  I've taken what I learned as a kid and turned it into a business.  I spent the last 7 years building the largest Oddities store in the world. But I am now focusing on my aboriginal art and making it a true family business that can be supported by our families traditional ways.